Zanjeer Action is stylish : Ram Charan


“I’ve performed feats in films down South too, but the action in Zanjeer is something else — it’s stylish and sleek. The film does not have a dull moment. Also, there are no exaggerated shots like a man flying in the air; the action is realistic,” says South actor Ram Charan, who makes his B-Town debut with this film.

Charan credits action directors Javed-Aejaz for creating the high-octane stunts. “The car scene shot in the slums of Dharavi is definitely one to watch out for. We had to drive at a high speed through narrow lanes with blasts happening around us at the same time. It involved a lot of pre-production work to ensure no mishaps took place.”

The climax scene is another high point. “This was shot in a tunnel with water gushing and a blast taking place. All the scenes have been shot at a whopping cost,” says the actor, as Apoorva adds, “The action is in sync with the narration and will keep the audience hooked.”

pawan Kalyan

Talking about his character, Charan says, “Vijay Khanna is an honest cop who gets transferred from Andhra Pradesh to Mumbai. The plot has been inspired by real life incidents involving the oil mafia and the assassination of a journalist. Priyanka plays my love interest.”

Apoorva further reveals, “Priyanka essays a Bollywood-crazy NRI who witnesses a major crime. She gets close to Ram Charan during the investigation process. Sanjay Dutt’s character, Sher Khan, is powerful.”

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