Why Women Should Include Methi In Their Diet


Fenugreek (methi) has a bitter taste and good flavour along with possessing a wide range of beneficial nutrients. Either in the form of leaves or seeds, methi is a common ingredient used to impart a unique taste to dals, parathas or curries. It is found to be very beneficial for women due to the presence of saponins (steroids) and diosgenin (poses oestrogen like action).

Fenugreek acts as a natural remedy to relieve premenstrual symptoms such as discomfort in stomach and menstrual cramps.

Being a good source of iron, methi is recommended to be consumed during pregnancy, breastfeeding and adolescence (due to higher chances of iron deficiency).

Diosgenin and isoflavones exert oestrogen like action which plays a vital role in easing hot flashes and mood changes commonly seen in menopausal women.

The presence of compounds like diosgenin is known to be very crucial in maintaining the hormonal balance in the body.

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