Techniques and Benefits of Pranayama

Techniques and Benefits of Pranayama


Pranayama is traditionally how you control the breath which is one of the vital energy of the body. Pranayama is a Sanskrit word comprising of two parts i.e. Prana meaning breathe which is the vital energy and Ayama meaning control. Pranayama is not just basically how you control the incoming and outgoing breath with retention but it helps both mind and body be healthy and relaxed.

Benefits of Pranayam

Pranayama is a breathing technique in Yoga which can bring wonders in improving your overall health by controlling the organs. Practising proper techniques of pranayama can help you in physical, emotional and spiritual benefits as it is closing linked with meditation. We list below few common benefits –

  • It helps in weight loss by reducing excessive fat
  • Rate of breathing is improved
  • Helps in reducing the heart rate as well as wear and tear of heart
  • Helps in removing toxins from the body
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps in reducing the blood pressure
  • Digestive system related problems can be cured
  • The functions of the internal organs will be enhanced
  • The negative energy or emotions such as anger, arrogance, greed, etc are get rid.

Weight loss

We often tend to get up early to include the routine of doing exercises related to weight loss so that lot of calories can be burnt. Pranayama will have the same effect on you but it is a very slow and gradual process. However, you can achieve at a faster rate by enhancing the pranayama by several levels. The techniques of doing pranayama must be well understand and should be done in a proper way as doing it in wrong way can have adverse effects. Alom Vilom, Kapalbhati and Bhastika are key techniques which help you in weight loss with regular practise. Let’s discuss these.

Alom Vilom:

This is a nostril breathing exercise where you breathe in through one nostril, hold your breath and then release it through another nostril. The ratio you should do this is about 2:8:4. The regular practise with few other yoga poses can help you in weight loss as it helps in burning the fat deposits. Lotus pose also called Padmasana which should be practised when you are performing the exercise as it opens your hips and effectively aligns your chakras.


This is a breathing exercise which beginners can do for about 3 minutes and the later increase it gradually. It brings in peace and stability to the mind, improves the function of abdominal organs, thus purifying the chakras. This helps in dealing with obesity, indigestion, etc.


This breathing exercise helps in stimulating the nerve that the sun controls. You inhale through right nostril and breathe out through left. During retention, you should feel that air is being filled in your whole body. This exercise helps in increasing the warmth of the body and gives energy.

These exercises help in controlling the mechanism of respiration and the organs related to it. Meditation practise along with these exercises will add a lot of benefits such as building self-confidence, chronic diseases like arthritis and allergies etc.

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