Tamanna On Trivikram’s Affair With Parvathi

Tamanna On Trivikram’s Affair With Parvathi


New sensation Tamanna was asked to act along with Parvathi Melton beside Mahesh Babu in the film to be directed by Trivikram Srinivas. It is said that Tamannah negated to act as she feels it difficult to share screen with Parvathi Melton as second heroine. But there is a reason behind that it seems. It is said that Trivikram is moving very close with Parvathi and both are enjoying an affair as per the grapevine. The rapport between Parvathi and Trivikram started from ‘Jalsa’ where he gifted her with a necklace as well. Now Tamannah is not comfortable with all this and feels that she is not being given proper attention because of her. It seems that Tamannah was not given important role and kept down when compared to Melton. Parvathi has more songs and scenes with Mahesh unlike Tamannah’s role. Hence Tamannah walked out with all sorts of identity crisis. She is now busy acting in Tamil film ‘Ayan’, a remake of ‘Jab We Met’.

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