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How Many Cameos In Size Zero?


How Many Cameos In Size Zero? [Show as slideshow] ‘Size Zero,’ the prestigious project from PVP Cinemas hitting the screens on 27th of this month has Anushka and Arya in central roles. Directed by Prakash Kovelamudi with story, script provided by his wife Kanika, the film has a big variety of cameos. As per reports from Tamil sources, ‘Size Zero’ ...

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Rudramadevi New Poster Released

Rudhramadevi is an upcoming movie Telugu, Kannada, Tamil and Hindi historical film, based on the life of Rudrama Devi one of the prominent rulers of the Kakatiya dynasty in the Deccan Plateau, and one of the few ruling queens in Indian history. The film is being written,directed and Produced by Gunasekhar and also Released in 3D.

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Baahubali Audio Release Date Confirmed

లహరి మ్యూజిక్‌ ద్వారా భారీ  ప్రతిష్టాత్మక చిత్రం ‘బాహుబలి’ తెలుగు, తమిళ్‌  ఆడియోలు  భారతీయ వెండితెరపై ఎస్‌.ఎస్‌.రాజమౌళి ఆవిష్కరించబోతున్న అత్యంత భారీ చిత్రం ‘బాహుబలి’.  యంగ్‌రెబల్‌స్టార్‌ ప్రభాస్‌, రానా, అనుష్క, తమన్నా, రమ్యకృష్ణ, సుదీప్‌, సత్యరాజ్‌, నాజర్‌ వంటి భారీ తారాగణంతో అత్యంత భారీ బడ్జెట్‌తో రూపొందుతున్న తొలి తెలుగు చిత్రంగా ‘బాహుబలి’ ఇప్పటికే వార్తల్లోకి ఎక్కింది. తెలుగు, తమిళ్‌, మలయాళం, హిందీ భాషల్లో రూపొందుతున్న ఈ చిత్రం కోసం సినిమా ప్రేమికులు ఎంతో ఆసక్తిగా ఎదురుచూస్తున్నారు. ఈ చిత్రంపై ప్రేక్షకుల్లో, ఇండస్ట్రీలో వున్న ...

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Budget of Baahubali’s is starting to worry


Hyderabad:The  worry for producer Shobhu Yarlagadda is the length of the film. Though the makers wanted to release the film in two parts initially, they are also mulling condensing the film into a single part. “Till now the film’s length is about five and a half hours. They have not yet decided whether to release it in two parts or ...

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Anushka turns aunty to Tamanna ..!

Tamanna is aged small than Anushka but she is not that aged to call Anushka aunty, but Anushka should accept it because Anushka is gonna play Tamanna’s aunt role in Baahubali. Baahubali is divided into two parts and flash back episode is a highlight of whole story said sources.  Tamanna is gonna play a key role in this flash back ...

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