Sukumarudu Movie Review

Movie: Sukumarudu
Cast: Aadi, Nisha Agarwal
Director: G.Ashok
Producer: Venugopal
Music: Anup Rubens

Rating :- 2.5/5


The story is almost resembles with Nagarjuna’s latest released film ‘Greeku Veerudu’ Hero Sukumar (Aadi son of dailogue king Sai Kumar) is a self centered and greedy for money. He comes to India to grab Rs.150 crore dump waiting for him in a remote village with her grand mother Vandanamma (Sarada), with which he wants to start his dream project. There, in the village he fall in love with Sankari (Nisha Agarwal). In an attempt to pick up the money from her grand mother, he plays all his usual tricks but invain. His uncle Rao Ramesh and others makes him realize his family history, when he tries to emmotionally black mail his grand mother. Whether he will be able return with the dump or fall in line with her grand mother and heroine forms rest of the story.

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