Sexy beauty refuses to kiss

ActressBollywood films too have been showing kissing scenes. But the Censor continues to chop off such scenes in Tollywood films.But ,here is a lady who refused to do a kiss scene. She is none other than Telugu beauty Anjali.  Also, films with such scenes are labeled adult films and are avoided by family audience. 

     “Earlier, they would show the hero and heroine going behind a tree and coming out wiping their lips. Now, kissing scenes are being accepted in Bollywood, but not in Telugu films. If I am asked to do such scenes, I will refuse point blank,” says Anjali. “The Censor Board does not accept rape scenes and kissing scenes. I don’t know about future. For now, I feel our films will not kissing scenes,” says Anjali who insists she will not kiss even big heroes. Well , don’t get disappointed folks.. some or the other day Anjali might make up her mind and gets ready for lip locking scenes. 

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