Sampoornesh Babu Hrudaya Kaleyam Movie Review

Sampoornesh Babu Hrudaya Kaleyam Movie Review

Sampoornesh Babu Hrudaya Kaleyam Movie Review

Starring: Sampoornesh Babu, Ishika Singh, Kavya Kumar, Mahesh Kathi
Director : Steven Sankar
Producer : R. Vijay Kumar
Music : Srikanth Pendyala
Banner : Amrutha Production
Release Date : April 4, 2014
web2look Rating :   3/5

Hrudaya Kaleyam Movie is a comedy,Love, and action entertainer with other masala elements like romance and sentimental scenes. Burning Star Sampoornesh Babu’s superb performance is the main attraction of this film. Sampoornesh babu and Ishika Shing are playing lead roles. Director Steven Shankar’s absorbing narration and funny and punch dialogues and Amrutha Production banner. Songs composed by RK and Background Scored by Srikanth Pendyala. The movie has hit the screens today with high expectations, Let’s talk about the detail story.


The story starts with Burning Star Sampoornesh babu, who is in love with a girl. He wants to impress the girl and want to become her hero, but unfortunately Sampoornesh babu makes a robbery and lands in a problem with the police, who tries to chase him, but they are unable to find Sampoornesh babu. What is the problem that Sampoornesh babu is facing and why he become a thief? why the police are chasing Sampoornesh babu? Did he solve the problem? for all this questions you should watch the movie on the screen. The first half of the movie is filled with Sampoo’s dialogues and his comedy, we can see only sampoo on the screen (One Man Army). In the second half he has shown his emotional angle

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