Ravi Teja Balupu Movie Review and Rating

Ravi Teja Balupu Movie Review :-

Ravi Teja Balupu Movie Review and Story - Balupu Movie Review - Ravi Teja New Movie - Balupu Movie Photos


Ravi Teja, Shruthi Hassan, Anjali , Brahmanandam,Ali,Prakash Raj,Nassar.

Director: Gopichand Malineni

Producer: Prasad Vara Potluri

Music Director: S. S. Thaman

Cinematography: Jayanan Vincent


Praksah Raj is playing dual role, one is well educated soft person in Hyderabad and other is mafia don in Vijawada. Praksah Raj daughter is Anjali who rules vijayawda and his bother daughter is Shruthi. Ravi Teja works for Prakash Raj and accidentally he meets Anjali, then they eventually fall in love and plan to have a secret marriage.

Prakash Raj comes to know about this marriage, he stops Ravi, Anjali marriage and takes her away from Ravi Teja to U.S.A. This leaves Ravi Teja without any clue to know where is Anjali and only source to find her is Shruthi, who is her sister.

Without second thought Ravi Teja lands in Hyderabad and tries to get close to Shruthi, so that he can reach Anjali. But on other hand Anjali goes missing and even Prakash Raj keeps looking for her, here comes in Adivi Sesh brother of Anjali, Ashutosh Rana main villain into this picture. Then there will be sequences of twists and story revolves round where is Anjali? What happened to her??? let us see in the movie


Web2look Rating: 3.25

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