Ram Charan Tej Nayak Movie Premiere Show Review

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Nayak Premiere Show Review

First Half

Movie started by thanking to thitakrishna
titles started naayak
story started in calcutta city..
Pradeep ravat introduction
superb dailogues for naayak introduction
nayaak introduction fight with background music? is highlight
naa jolikoste dailogue is introducion of naayak
first song started superb of naayak
as expected theatre going to crazy for liala song
first song superb and lot of crazy steps @ naayak
cherry name as nayaak
brahmi introduction as funny
superb dailogues by bramhi introduction
power star first day first show ticket evarikiana dorukuyhunda? ?
Jilebi is bramhi name
movie shot in panja locations
all characters are getting introduced one by one
bramhi dancing for enduku emo song

2nd half

Nayak Movie is fully entertaining. Charan dance is Superb, Locations And Fights
Another block buster on the way @ Naayak Movie
Now Flashback started @ Naayak Movie

Charan Appear in this movie Just Like chiru in indra Movie.
Charan Flashback char name is Siddu..
Siddu is going to be a Naayak
Super centiment scenes in Naayak
GabbarSingh cutout and theatre is going? @ gaga over it.
Venumadhav Appear is fans president of power star
GabbarSingh interval in Naayak post interval scene
Next Subhaleka rasukunna song is Kevvu Keka Video is mind blowing.
This song video is best in Charan career @ Naayak movie

Nyayam kosam ayudham patina
Form lo unna leader, following unna hero ni follow kavaliDialogue ?Super.
Hilarious comedy in second half.

Posani character is Excellent.
This chacolate episode is same like GabbarSingh anthakshyari scene. Theatre is fully enjoying Naayak Movie
Nenu Edina okkasari chepta rendo sari champesta.. Dialogue ?Super
Court scene will remember us Tagore Movie
First time double role cherry Performance Awesome.


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