Ram Charan Clarifies About Pawan Kalyan And Chiru Issue

ram-charan-chiranjeevi-pawan-kalyan Mega Power star Ram Charan has denied rumors with the intention of his father and Mega Star Chiranjeevi has got separated with his Babai ( Babai ) Jana Sena Party President power star Pawan Kalyan. He understood in lone of the interview with the intention of his father and uncle has by no means separated and blood releations is blood relation could be both be inflicted with ideologicall difference but personally by no means distanced from lone a further and both be inflicted with same goals to supply the public and be inflicted with ordinary target. He furthermore added with the intention of his father and protect by no means involved in his personnel matters of his wife Upasana one difference with his wife is sorted made known by himself and his wife but by no means involved his parents. It is renowned detail with the intention of Chiru has clarified with the intention of Pawan Kalyan is solely like his son Ram Charan and does not be inflicted with one differences with him apart from ideological difference on politics.

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