OMG Did Salman Khan Say That Katrina Kaif Was Of No Use to Him

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OMG Did Salman Khan Say That Katrina Kaif Was Of No Use to Him

Bhai Salman Khan is often known to be a journalist’s delight! With his starnge and cocky sense of humour, he is known to answer every question , unmindful whether it politically correct or not!
Sometimes, he makes sense, but most of the other times, he’ll come up with the zaniest of answers. Recently, while promoting his film Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo on Comedy Night With Kapil, Bhai may have just made a quick jibe at his ex Katrina Kaif!
Salman and Katrina’s relationship is known to all. The couple were apparently even contemplating marriage, but things didnt work out and Kat moved on to Ranbir Kapoor. They have been together for few years now and seem much in love. However, Salman has time and again indicated that he still has a soft corner for Katrina, though most of his reaction to questions regarding his ex lady love are often mixed and perplexing.
On the show, Katrina wasn’t really the topic of discussion, but Bhai happened to see a box of cracker with Katrina’s face on it. Since it was a Diwali special, the crackers were brought in. According to a daily, and as reported by he spotted it and immediately joked about it to Kapil saying, “What purpose does it serve to have her picture around? She is of no use to you.” He futher added sardonically, “She was of no use to me also.”


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