Om Movie Review

Om Movie Review

Movie : OM
Starring : Kalyanram,Nikesha Patel,Kriti Kharbhanda
Direction: Suneel Reddy
Producer: kalyan Ram.

Harish Chandra Prasad (Karthik) is an industrialist who exposes a scam of central minister Bairreddy (Rao Ramesh). An insulted Bairredy join hands with Bhavani Shankar (Sampath Raj) to finish off Harish Chandra Prasad. Arjun (Kalyan Ram) shadows his father and tries to protect him all the time. Rest of the story is all about the tyranny combined twists that take place in the story.

Kalyan Ram comes up with a mild performance. He has to put in lot of effort in dialogue delivery and expressions. There are at times where we do not understand what he is conveying with his expressions. Nikesha Patel and Kriti Kharbanda did not have much to perform but their characters were used for vital twists in the movie. Rao Ramesh excelled in his role with Srikakulam accent. Yesteryear actor Karthik makes a good impression. Suresh, Sampath Raj and Ahuti Prasad lived up to the expectations. Rest of them are good.

Technical Values:
The story of the movie is good with nice twists but the director, Suneel Reddy, a first timer squandered in narrating it well. There are too many of action sequences and the screenplay makes it totally confusing. The fight sequences come very frequently just like traffic jams in Hyderabad. No Reason, No purpose! The 3D effects do not enhance the effect of watching the movie. They are present for the sole reason of being present.

Final Word:
The first half of the movie moves with out any excitement. The interval bang is impressive through. The director managed to score some good marks in the second half with some good twists. But too many fights and melodrama played the spoilsport once again. You can safely give it a miss except if you want to watch India’s first 3D action film!

Rating: 3/5

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