Nannaku Prematho Ruled Out For Pongal

Nannaku Prematho Ruled Out For Pongal



Since Nandamuri Bala Krishna is having upper hand as star now, the producer of NTR Jr’s Nannaku Prematho have decided not to release their movie in direct competition with Balayya’s movie. So Nannaku Prematho is ruled out from Pongal competition.

Bala Krishna has made it clear to the producers of his Dictator that the movie should be wrapped up by end of this month and release it on 14th January without fail.

Accordingly, producer and director Sri Wass are completing the shooting and also planning to close the business for the movie in all areas by this month end.

Among Sankranthi releases, Bala Krishna’s movie has confirmed its place with proper planning. Till the other day, NTR Jr was hoping that he would release his Nannaku Prematho on Pongal festival but the producer reportedly told their plan to not to fight with Bala Krishna’s movie.

Bala Krishna is enjoying his peak of career right now after the success of Legend. Also Telugu Desam party coming back to power in Andhra Pradesh and him becoming MLA has made him more powerful now. Hence, the producers of NTR movie have made decision not to irk Bala Krishna by fitting their movie against his film.

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