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Mirchi Review

Jai (Prabhas) is happy go lucky guy who wants a relationship with Manasa (Richa). But Manasa has a background which she doesn’t like and runs away. Meanwhile Jai befriends Poorna (Subbaraju) and through him he finds a place in his village. Later Manasa is revealed to be Poorna’s sister. Why Jai goes to Poorna’s house. What is actual reason behind his act forms the rest of the plot.

Prabhas looks very cool and Passion. His costumes are the best so far in his career. Coming to the performance he tries to show a cool act by using some funny English words. At times it looked like he was trying too hard. He was superb in action sequences and during emotional scenes he performed well. Dances are alright.

Anushka comes during the flashback and she looked gorgeous in the film in village-belle attire. Although she has less screen time she was very effective. Especially in the song idedo bagunde she was lovely.

Richa had more screen time comparatively but on the performance level. She didn’t create much impact there was nothing memorable in her act.

Satya Raj acted with restraint. He was effective in a role given to him. Nadiya appeared in a short role, her presence was good.

Prabhas ( the man Of Full Passion)
Prabhas Emotional Sequences
Anushka in her short role
Action Sequences
Couple Of Songs
Brahmanandam’s Comedy

Predictable Plot
Flat Narration During

Debutant director Koratala Siva has chosen a theme that had interesting elements but his predictable screenplay lets him down. The director wants to focus on the change of heart of an individual but the way he goes about doing that is very clichéd and very predictable.

We have seen those scenes before which the director uses to convince us, of the change in the heart hence we don’t feel the exact emotion that the director had intended to. Even the routine acting adds to the predictability.

Single Line: See and Enjoy ….. Specially For PRABHAS

Bottom-line: Mirchi Is Spicy
Rating: 3.5/5

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