Mirchi 2 Weeks Collections

Mirchi Movie Collections

Prabhas Mirchi Movie 2 Weeks Area Wise Collections..

Nizam: 11.4Crores

Ceded: 5.71Crores

Vizag: 2.47Crores

Guntur: 2.42Crores

Krishna: 1.87Crores

East: 2.01Crores

West: 1.92Crores

Nellore: 1.26Crores

Total AP Share for 2 Weeks: 29.06Crores

Karnataka 2 weeks share: 2.63Crores

ROI: 64 Lakhs

Total India Share: 32.33Crores

Overseas till now: 3.1Crores

Total World Wide Share : 35.43Crores

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