Methods to stay hydrated in summer

During summer, you constantly experience fatigue and hence feel sweaty also. In this way, you experience loss of energy. When you are travelling, you feel even more dehydrated, because the scorching rays of the sun grab away the moisture from your body.  You hence begin to feel exhausted. But you can stay hydrated in summer, if you follow these useful tips.



  1. Drink water: You must regularly drink water to retain the moisture of your body and remain vitalized. You must drink water even if you are not thirsty because you experience dehydration when you travel.
  2. Consume watery fruits: You must consume fruits such as watermelon, mash melons, papaya that contain water. You feel refreshed and also remain hydrated in summer for a long time.
  3.  Consume soda: Take a glass of sparkling water and add a teaspoon of soda or you can drink soda that is available in ice-cream parlors or hotels. You can quench thirst for a longer time but do not try this option too often. If you consume more soda, the bones in your body become weaker.
  4. Go for workouts: You must drink water in the morning and go for workouts. In this way you can feel fresh and also quench your thirst. If you opt for workouts, you inhale fresh oxygen and feel energetic also.
  5. Drink water before traveling: Do not forget to drink water before travelling.
  6. Keep wet napkins: You must keep some wet and scented napkins with you that are available in medical stores, beauty parlors or retail outlets. You can use them whenever you feel sweaty and devitalized.
  7. Water before meals: You can also drink enough water before having your meals. In this way, you do not overeat and do not feel thirsty too often. If you drink water before meals, your food will also get digested easily. You must also drink water after meals, but give an hour gap in between.
  8. Keep water bottle: Always keep a water bottle with you. When the bottle is empty, you can fill water again and use it whenever you need it. When you are travelling to different places, you must keep a water bottle with you that is filled with water. You need water constantly even when you go for camping and expedition.
  9. Add flavors: If you are travelling to such places where enough water is not available, then you can add some tasty flavors in the water such as vanilla, orange, mango etc. to quickly quench thirst. If you add flavors to the water, you feel the urge to drink more water and hence you automatically remain hydrated for a longer time.
  10.  Drink more water: Ideally, you must drink 25 ounce to 35 ounce of water in an hour based on your capacity and urge to drink water. Hence, you must maintain a track of the ounce of water consumed per hour. You can buy a hydration pack if you are an athlete.
  11. Use alternatives: You must consume sports drinks or Cytomax once in a day to stay hydrated for a longer period. When you sweat, the sodium and potassium level of the body is burned and you feel even more dehydrated. But if you consume drinks, pills or foods that contain enough sodium or potassium content, then you can stay hydrated constantly.
  12.  Wake up early: You must wake up during the early morning hours, preferably at 6.00 a.m and go out for a walk or perform jogging. The temperature is not high during the early morning hours and hence you can inhale fresh oxygen that is present in the atmosphere. In this way, you feel refreshed and you can drain away the sweat at once. You can drink plenty of water and stay hydrated for a longer period. You can remain vitalized for a longer time.
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