Mega function without Mega Star ???

without Mega Star Mega function ???

Puri Jagannath

Prince Varun Tej as a hero in the mega- made ​​movie directed by Puri Jagannath lophar . Post -production has already completed the shooting of the movie and the audio function organized on December 7, the movie will be released on the 18th . Megastar Chiranjeevi referred to the mega family function , however, is that .. Ace the latest hot topic .

Lophar to attend the audio function kanunnadani Prabhas seems to be the chief guest . The event was held silpakalavedikalo from mega family has just received the invitation only nagababuku Varun Tej father . Puri, the idea is to consider the audio function without the megastar . It would also be a proper reason .

Puri is going to the direction of the film, he declared himself 150 megastar . Then the script came prablem atakekkesindi it . Do not mention this to him .Puri, who was also a little embarrassed to say in front of the media in the past .

Recently, he announced that his favorite Prabhas are not petty Varun Tej . However, in another case , said varan . Puri alocistunnadata to do the same is true now . In fact, without the megastar that he would not want to be under the eye rather than being sold .. mega event . The movie is happening to the son , who is now regularly attended the function lophar What is happening to show devotion to pick my brother .. ippatikaite I can not say whether it agrees . If you want to function without one of Puri conclude this challenging, to say the megastar . And many of the facts ? Marpulenno function held today ?

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