Manchu Hero To Turn Anti?

Manchu Hero To Turn Anti?


A lot of mulling is happening over Ram Charan’s next. Initially it was whether or not to remake the Tamil super Hit Thanni Oruvan, then it was about the changes and adaptation of the original story which was put to halt by Chiranjeevi himself and the movie is being re-made as it is.

Now it’s about the Anti-Hero. Thanni Oruvan is hailed in Tamil cinema for the strong and able Anti-Hero, Aravind Swamy it cast. Though initially he was the one most sought for the Telugu version too, somehow things don’t seem to have worked out accordingly.

There were lot of other names that did rounds as alternative from Akkineni Nagarjuna to Nara Rohith but all those were mere rumors the team says.

The story needs an intellectual and sophisticated villain that is as strong and cultured as the hero himself. So Ram Charan and team seem to be considering the idea of carrying forward the lineage of Chiranjeevi- Mohanbabu, Hero-Anti Hero duo to the next generation.

To cut shot, Manchu Manoj is being considered an option to play the Anti-Hero against Ram Charan in Tanni Oruvan.

Recently Manoj has expressed his interest in doing Anti-Hero roles. Following the foot-steps of his father Mohan Babu who was known for his versatile variations in his roles right from his youthful days, Manoj too stated that he wants to walk the shoes of such characters and that he was preparing himself for the same.

Ram Charna and team are in all will trying to rope in Manoj considering his interest for the Re-Make. It ofcourse would be a strong add on to the cast of the yet to be titled remake if they could convince Manoj to do the Anti-Hero.

It surely would stand a crazy and exciting combination. It also would pave way to the health atmosphere of Hero’s willing to play the gruesome Anti’s not fearing the changeover of Image.


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