Launch a Google Hangout on Your Chromebook

1.Launch Google Hangout from the application menu


Your webcam turns on automatically. A pop-up menu displays a thumbnail view of your own video at the bottom of the screen


2.Assign the Hangout a name,This name will appear in the invite that your Hangout partners receive.


3.Add friends either by typing their names in the top search box or selecting their profile pictures in the panel to the right.

Hangout Friends

Check the box that says “Enable Hangouts on Air” if you’d like your Hangout to be broadcast live and recorded as a YouTube video

Hangout Broadcast

4.Select the “Hang out” button to launch the video chat room and send invites to your friends.

Hangout Button

When the video chat room launches, you’ll see your video feed as a thumbnail at the bottom, along with thumbnails for other callers as well. The large video player is reserved for the person who’s talking and it switches from one talker to another almost instantly.


On the right side of the panel, a list of special features can be activated. Here’s a list of those options in the order that they appear.

Invite People. The  first option, the red silhouette with a plus sign, lets you add video callers
Add Friend
Chat. The second icon opens up a text-based chat window to the right of the video feeds.
Chat Friends
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