Jubileehills Consistency MLA Candidate Peddala Anji Babu Padhayatra

Jubilee hills Constituency BLF Candidate Peddala Anji babu is impressed by people his padayatra on the day of the day.He knows every human difficulties part of the padayatra to understand the problems of the people, children youth and elderly people. Present parties are using their position as selfish, but BLF’s Candidate Anji babu has earned immense popular power to know people’s hardship on their padayatra.

On this day, the jublee hilss BLF party candidate went to Rajnagar, Madhuranagar, Bharat nagar, Baba sailani colony, Borabanda Site 2, Banjara nagar and Swaraj nagar. Every Colony in the jubleehills Constituency s very patience He Promised to take steps to create houses and housing for the poor.

BLF party leader anji babu jubleehills has walked in the borabanda division to find out the dificulties of the constituency. they send that they would be dedicated to your service as your leader to resolve their problems. He said he would work for their development. this time people are looking forward to such a leader.


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