It’s Official Proof Chiranjeevi First with That Title

'Megastar' Title Introduced with Chiranjeevi

Did you know? 'Megastar' title for Chiranjeevi was seen for the first time on silver screen in the title cards of 1988's release, 'Maranamrudangam'. Later, a song with the lines 'Star star' was seen in 1990's hit film 'Kodamasimham'. Interesting fact is that 'Megastar' title was not prefixed for the names of any hero on Indian screen before the title got introduced with Chiranjeevi. There has been a recorded evidence that official film magazines of India such as, 'Filmfare', 'Stardust', 'Screen' etc. have also not used title before was it started for Chiranjeevi. Interestingly, 'Megastar' title is now being adopted by all woods of Indian film industry to denote the number one status of a hero. That's the history of 'Megastar' title for you folks. Meanwhile, Chiranjeevi's 150th film will be launched soon and the movie is likely to be directed by VV Vinayak. Mega Power Star Ram Charan will produce the movie on Konidala Productions.

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