How To Lose Weight In Short Span

How To Lose Weight In Short Span

Weight Loss in Short Time

Obesity or over weights are the things that scare us to death.  If anyone say that you can lose 8kgs of weight in just one week, you may think that they are kidding you or they are telling you cock and bull stories.  But, have you ever think of it for a second?  If not, it’s the right time to think.  The best way to avoid obesity is to live a healthy life style.  Healthy life style, proper exercise routine, good diet plan will keep you miles away from obesity.  There is a line that goes like this “Proper physical exercises increases your chances of health, and proper mental exercises increases your chances of wealth”.  Make sure to rank first in  both physical and mental exams.  Today, we are here to share a miraculous diet plan which will make you walk in the lanes of lean dreams if you followed perfectly.  Keep your all worries away, because you are in the happy hunting ground from where you can go back to your glory days.  What are you doing? Chop chop!

The first and foremost thing you have to do is to drink at least 10 glass of water each day.

Day one:

Eat all fruits except bananas.  Eat as many fruits as you can until your stomach is full.  Consume more melons the first day.  Make sure to include watermelons in your first day diet as watermelons only contain water as the main ingredient.  Water melons not only help you burn your calories they also helps in cleansing your body.  Just by eating watermelons without including any other fruits you can lose 3 lbs on the first day.

Day two:

You can eat any vegetables you like.  Stuff yourself with as many vegetables as possible.  There is no limit in the quantity of intake or type.  Start your day with a boiled potato as breakfast.

Day three:

Day three is a combination of day one and day two but no potato today.  Eat lots of vegetables and fruits of your  choice

Day four:

Bananas and milk.  Eat eight bananas the whole day.  Drink three glasses of milk in morning, afternoon and night.  This can be accompanied by a diet soup made of vegetables.

Day five:

Today you are heartily welcomed for our theoretical feast.  You will eat beef and tomatoes today.  Eat two 10 oz. portions of lean beef.  Combine this with six whole tomatoes.  Increase your water intake by one quart.  This is to used to cleanse your system of uric acid you will be producing.

Day six:

Beef and vegetables.  Today you may eat an unlimited amount of beef and vegetables.  Eat until your soul satisfies.

Day seven:

Today you can take brown rice, fruit juices and all the vegetables you like.

That’s it.  Take a weighing machine and see the magic.  You will weigh less than what you weigh 7 days ago.  You will lose about 10-17lbs.  If you want to lose more weight repeat the same program again.  Make sure to workout everyday at least for 30 minutes.

Finally, remember one thing “A leopard can’t change his spots”, which means you cannot change who you are.  Everyone has their own charm.  Find your own charm and you will be on your glory days very soon.

Hope this article helps you in fewer ways.  Feel free to comment.

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