How does Onion Helps in Hair Growth?

How does Onion Helps in Hair Growth


A lot of problems are attacking people such as pollution, ultraviolet rays, diet habits, and the quality of vegetables and fruits that are being yield by using chemicals.

As we can see that in olden days each season used to have their own particular vegetables and fruits which are being yielded naturally by using natural fertilizers like cow dung and etc., because of which the vegetables and fruits were of great taste and are healthy.  The people in those times are also very healthy and they do not have as many problems as we are facing now-a-days.  In those days we used to have greenery everywhere and electricity necessity is also so low that as they don’t have much pollution and drainage problems which probably has become the reason for so many mosquito-generated diseases like malaria, filarial, and dengue and all, they were most happening can sleep in the wide open areas.

The diet habits and all the other causes and mainly causing problems such as obesity, which indeed includes the cholesterol-induced diseases like heart attacks and hypertension and kidney diseases and many more.  Including all these there are lot of problems which individuals are facing like damage of the skin, hair fall, and many more.

There are many ways that has been introduced for the protection of both skin and hair.  Many companies have introduced cosmetics for the skin and hair like face creams, face packs, face-wash, and soaps and for the hair they have introduced hair oils, shampoos, hair packs etc., a lot.  As everyone is facing the hair fall and skin problems no one hesitating and thinking about spending lots of money on getting rid of these problems, but how about the people who are unable to purchase such a high cost cosmetics and products.

Some unfortunate things happen when we lose hair even more by using the products just because that product is not suitable for our hair and this is more prominent area why the products are mostly not acceptable for some of the people are trying to use their own ways naturally to behold this problem and have the actual growth and brightness of the skin and hair.

There are some people who are able to use some small tricks in the home itself using some of the homemade products and trying to save the beauty of their hair and skin.  Some natural products like henna, curd, egg, lemon, walnuts, and also some homemade shampoos such as shikakai and many more for hair bath instead of using artificial chemical shampoos etc., we can save our hair.

Now we are here to share such a small and easy trick for the hair growth which is homemade and natural and does not have any side effects that could help you to the most in gaining your hair beautifully and most astonishingly.

As everyone uses onions which is mostly used in each and every kitchen, will help in the growth of your hair.  Let us see how to make this miracle and learn and let us use it.

“Onions are not only the health-based vegetables but also they help in the growth of hair when its juice is applied to the scalp.”  They help in circulation of blood in the hair follicles and prevent hair from becoming grey and also helps as anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and also kills germs, fungi many more.  Onions consists of sulfa which is responsible for stimulating hair follicle for the hair growth and this is most eminently available in onions.  Onion juice acts in increasing the level of Catalase on skin which probably will help in reducing the production of hydrogen peroxide, which indeed is the reason for hindering hair growth.

In Dermatology terms the loss of hair is known as Alopecia and in a study it has been proved that 75% of the individuals have experienced the hair growth with the help of onion juice application to the scalp.

Just remove the peel of the onion and cut it into pieces and better use a juicer to get the fresh and unmixed juice and then apply it to the scalp daily.  The smell may be little bit disturbing because of its strong smell, but its profits are also so innumerable.

If it is causing any problem with the smell, apply it before you sleep and leave it for 30 minutes to 1 hour and clean it up before you go to bed.

Remember that as the juice is strong in its nature just check whether you are allergic to it just by having a sample test as there are a lot of people who seemingly more sensitive to most of things.

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