Health care tips for kids in monsoon

Cool and breezy monsoon comes with many children related problems. We should be careful about our children’s in monsoon. The wet in the rainy season or monsoon is the key for all diseases. The monsoon temperature is well suitable for the bacteria and virus. They can easily develop and spread during the monsoon. So below are the some useful tips for kids in this monsoon.


Health care tips for Kids in Monsoon:

  •  Keep your children’s room clean and dry. Maintain the  normal room temperature in their rooms.
  • Give the hot bath to your child in monsoon.It gives the fresh and relaxation to your child.Add few drops of antiseptic liquids in their bath water.
  • Keep their rooms ventilating in the monsoon day time.
  • Close all the doors and windows at evening time if not mosquito’s and other insects come inside your home.
  • Keep the cold , flu, fever medicines at any time in your home.
  • Do not switch on the AC’s in the monsoon .It makes the room temperature low.
  • Use mosquito’s nets in the kids rooms instead of mosquito coils.
  •  Ware the dry clothes in the monsoon. Ware the clothes dried in normal condictions.
  •   Maintain their feets clean and dry.
  •  Serve the moderately hot food for your child. Supply the hot drinks, hot salads etc .
  •  Make your children bags, rain coats, playing items dry and clean.
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