Hair Care Tips for Summer

Hair care tips for Summer

Hair care tips for Summer

Summer can play havoc with Girls hair. But you can still keepup your gorgeous hair and even make a conditioning boost from the sun with these easy summer hair care tips.

Use moisturising products

Fried hair isn’t completely a figure of speech, it’s a reality! The temparature of the sun and the exposure to salt, chlorine and sand will open up the hair’s cuticle, stripping it of natural oils and leaving behind parrched strands. Use conditioners, shampoos and styling products that contain the words ‘moisturising’  on their labels.

protect your hair colour

If you’re outdoors between 10 am and 4 pm, apply a hair care product that contains UV filters, which come in gel, spray or cream formulas on a daily Process. Best way to secure your hair is by donning a wide-brimmed Cap and sitting under a umbrella.

Saturate hair before taking a dip

Drench your hair with clean water before you dive into the pool go surfing. ‘Your hair is like a sponge,’ says hairstylist Melissa Herst. ‘If you coat it with clear water, it will soak that in its Place of absorbing injurious chlorine.

Put down the heat tools

With all the heat exposure you are getting from the sun, you want to keep your use of heat styling tools to a minimum. Instead of a curling iron, add body or curl to your hair by using rollers on damp hair.

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