Free Health Apps for Android Mobile

Free Health Apps for Android Mobile

Health Apps for Android Mobile

Now a day’s people around the world are busy with their daily life activities having so many distractions in their life and have less time to relax. Here we are going to discuss about some free healthy handy apps for android phones.

Google Fit App

Google fit app is mainly about tracking your fitness information. You can access it from anywhere. It is now available for computer, mobile devices and also android devices.

  • Set goals for your personal fitness
  • This app will track automatically and measures how close you are reaching to those goals
  • Checks how you are performing them and how much time you are taking to perform them.
  • You can track how much you are walking, running and bike rides through this app.

Instant Heart Rate

Through this app you can measure and monitor your heart rate instantly. You can measure your Heart rate by placing your finger tip on your phone’s cam which in turn displays your heart rate within seconds. This app is available for free of cost for Android and iPhone mobiles

Diet Plan app

In this app we are having 130+ weight loss diet plans which consisting of mainly creative meal note, entire grocery menu and an association of people who help you to motivate when you are in dieting process. It will track and monitor your weight. This app is available for free of cost for Android and iPhone mobiles

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal app

This is the best calorie counter app which is used during weight loss process. It may be free or paid. It is consisting of huge database over 40,00,000 foods which will help you lose your calories. It is easy to use. This app is available for free of cost for Android.

Dinner Recipes Free

This app will provide numerous variety dishes for your healthy life. This app will give different experience so that you can try different kinds of recopies by your own. It will not only provide variety number of dishes but also provides different types of cuisine. This app is available for free of cost for Android.

MediSafe Meds & Pill Reminder

This app will track your medications of yours. This is a medication and pill reminder app which helps you to take medicine in time. Are you taking any medication or you family members having any medication no need to worry about to have medicine in time. Your phone only reminds you to take medicine in time, if you have this app. Sometimes you may forgot to have medicine but this app will help you to reminder you medication timing.

Blood Pressure (BP) Watch

Through this app you can track you Blood Pressure. You can record your BP daily by adding a reminder to your mobile. You can maintain multiple accounts to track your family member’s records where you can manage them. This app will maintain perfect record of your BP ratings

Daily Yoga – Fitness On-the-Go

This is a yoga coaching app which is having about 400+ yoga poses, different kinds of yoga HD videos and more. This app is all about yoga which you can practice at your home which will helps in burning fat and losing weight. You can find so many yoga classes in this app.

How to Grow Hair Faster

Long hair is the most beautiful sign for women. Those people who are looking for the faster hair growth can use this app which will help you for healthy and faster growth of your hair. This is give natural and healthy medicinal strategies for faster hair growth.

Ovulation & Period Calendar

This app is very useful for ladies who want to get pregnant or to avoid pregnancy which will track and calculate their menstrual cycle days. This will provide menstrual period history. You can share your menstrual calendar with your doctor or with your partner.  

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