Family Wars Inevitable In Tollywood!

Family Wars Inevitable In Tollywood

Going by the current trends happening in Telugu Film Industry, it seems like internal family wars are going to be unstoppable here. Especially when there is an argument that outsiders are not finding enough theatres and chances to make it big in the industry, analysts feel that even the family-backed heroes might slip into trouble soon.

As we confirmed already, NTR’s Nannaku Prematho and Balayya’s Dictator are arriving on January 8th and 14th respectively. Two biggies from the same Nandamuri family are arriving in just a week gap, and 30% of fans are unlikely to pick both. Because it’s the question of money for many middle-class people and C-centre folks. They will be picking only those films that give them maximum satisfaction for ticket money. Even family audiences will also think in similar way. After Balayya recedes from acting career, then Mokshagna is likely to enter the scene. Then we will have Jr NTR, Mokshagna, Kalyan Ram fighting from Nandamuri family for placements. So, the one who delivers better content will have more chances of succeeding than everyone.

Coming to Mega family, this set of heroes enjoy the biggest threat from each other. Barring Pawan Kalyan, we have Charan, Bunny, Saidharam, Varun Tej and Sirish in the game. As these heroes are continuously making films, at one point films of their cousins are likely to clash with them. If arrangements are made for two weeks gap, no doubt the same middle class money troubles will play the bigger role and fans are likely to wait and watch the best film among the two. Same is the case with Akkineni family who has Nagarjuna, Chaitu, Akhil and sometimes Sushanth in the race. With this family inclined towards romantic films most of time, their producers might eye similar seasons, making the Brand Akkineni lock horns with each other.

Another scenario is that, if not family wars, wars with friends are also inevitable. Charan is likely to face Akhil and Rana one day; Bunny might get Prabhas in his way; and so on. With two many heroes running for the show, these wars can’t be avoided. Even if they plan very cautiously, our ways of missing release dates, delaying production and unnecessary postponements will lead only to a fight at box office.

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