Eega 2 Weeks Shares

Eega 2 weeks collections

Tollywood’s most successful director S.SRajamouli’s Graphical Magic ‘Eega’ is having a dream run at the box office. In to the third week, the movie is still going Very strong. The movie had raked in as much as 35crore in the first 2 weeks of its release. The movie had collected 25.87C in AP itself. Here is the break up. Eega-2-Weeks-Shares

Eega 2 Weeks Shares:

Nizam - 10.01 Guntur - 2.05 vizag - 2.41 ceded - 5.15 east - 1.79 west -1.53 nellore -1.08 krishna - 1.85 Total : 25.87 crores  

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