Easy Nail Art For Beginners

Easy Nail Art For Beginners:-

Nail arts are a very popular trend these days. You can try out different types of nail arts. Some nail polishes itself come with such uniqueness that they can give your nails a nail art in just one swipe. Some has different sequins mixed in them; some has magnetic properties while others got san type particles which give you total sand effect.

1. Sunset Nail Arts:

Nail Art For Beginners
This is awesome nail art will remind you of the night and the sunset. This has been done using Zoya Pixie dust nails Lacquer and sand nail polishes. Sand finish nail polishes gives you a sand life effect, which seems as if you have really applied some sand on to your nails. These have been recently launched in India and are quite costly. However you may try out this unique nail art using 2 colours of sand nail polishes viz. Black and Glitter sand nail polish from Zoya in orange or yellow. Additionally sponge up a red colour or a pinkish tone on to the top portion. Use the black at the middle. Do not use a top coat for this one.

2. Floral Stamped Nail Arts:

Nail Art For Beginners
You can try out this nail art by using a golden nail polish as a base and some black special polish. Use the special polish to stamp out floral designs from a definite stamping plate. Looks very beautiful and easy to do.

3. Water Decal Designer Nail Art:

Nail Art For Beginners
These nails can be created using water decals of the above pattern on to white base paint. You must finish this design with a good top coat application otherwise your whole effort will be wasted in a short time.

4. Bling Sand Nail Art Designs:

Nail Art For Beginners
You can create this nail art by using sand nail polishes in red and black from zoya. You can additionally create patterns and add some rhinestones for the Bling effect.

5. Sunset Sponge Effect Nail Arts:

Nail Art For Beginners
This nail art can be created easily by using 3 different shimmer finish colours of high quality nail polishes and a sponge. You will need metal finish nail polishes for this nail art. Use a top coat to cover and seal this design.

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