Chiranjeevi Brainwashes To Ram Charan!

Chiranjeevi Brainwashes To Ram Charan!


After a lot of dilly-dallying about doing Thani Oruvan remake in Telugu, Ram Charan has finally decided to give it a shot.

Young Megastar had to get brainwashed by his father before giving a go ahead to his team. As per the grapevine Ram Charan asked Surender Reddy and his team of writers to make changes to Thani Oruvan script so that it suits his image.

Surender has put in lot of efforts to make it a hero oriented script. But when the final narration was given to Chiranjeevi he was shocked by the changes made to the original script.

Chiranjeevi felt that the soul of Thani Oruvan has been totally spoiled by those changes and asked them to stick to the original or simply drop it off.

Chiranjeevi firmly believes that Thani Oruvan script shouldn’t be altered as it would destroy the greatness and uniqueness of the film.

With Chiranjeevi’s reaction Surender and Charan decided to go with the original script with minor changes.

Will the Megastar’s feedback turns out to be a boon for Charan or will he be doomed, let’s see.

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