Charmy’s Butt Finished-Now Madhushalini’s Butt?

Charmy’s Butt Finished-Now Madhushalini’s Butt?


Director Ram Gopal Varma may show violence in throat slitting manner but on the other end, he also has severe appetite for sexual eroticism. Thanks to his technical wizardry and choice of actresses, it is always a visual feast and enough dose of aphrodisiac for male audiences.

Now, a new talk is happening in the cine circuits of Bollywood and Tollywood. That is “In one of his recent ventures ‘Dongala Mutha’ Ramu had total focus on Charmy’s butt using a 5D camera. Will he do the same with Madhushalini’s butt in his Bollywood venture ‘Department’?”

Many are assuming Ramu will do it. But some are feeling that he might not do that to avoid giving a C-grade image. Some criticism came from many corners when Ramu’s ‘Not A Love Story’ was seen. The way he put his cameras between Mahie Gill’s legs, and breast left no room for doubt.

The Bollywood folks say “In ‘Department’ there are top league stars like Amitabh Bachchan and Sanjay Dutt. So the chances are that Ramu will not do it. But maybe for one or two scenes he just might get naughty and show something through Madhushalini. Knowing Ramu’s mindset, it is difficult to predict anything till the film releases.”

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