Chart about vaccination and timings For Children

Parents are quite concerned about their child starting from their birth till the time they grow up. Even when they are admitted to school, pollution and adulteration food from the classmates can give rise to several diseases. Thus, it is important for each parent to concentrate of their vaccination from the time of their birth. Children within 4 to 6 ...

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Sinus home remedies, tips and treatment


Among some of the nagging disease, sinus or sinusitis acts as good contributors. This disease might not be life threatening but can create problematic situation in your life. In many people, sinus becomes a persisting problem for years. Even after going to variety of medications, it becomes quite difficult to get away from this disorder in an individual. Some simple ...

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Men & cycling benefits for health

men cycling

For men, cycling is a pleasure to get harnessed and ride on that endless track. A great way to combat diseases, and loosening on several pounds, cycling is the best choice. It is tremendously beneficial for good health, and helps in combating death risks. Cycling can generate high spirits and eases several functionalities in the body. In Denmark, a 15 ...

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Prevention measures for back pain


Limited rest Rest is good for people who are not well being but to the one who is having short term low back pain shouldn’t have to take rest more than times. Patients should avoid taking best rest for more than three times a day, says a doctor.   Go for physical activity A physical activity is very necessary for ...

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eye care tips for children


1. Diet: A usual balanced diet comprising of red and green leafy vegetables like spinach, carrots, beetroot and yellow fruits encompassing mango and papaya which are wealthy in carotene (A forerunner of Vitamin A) should be made for the progeny. 2. TV Viewing: TV should be observed at a proper viewing expanse of 3.5 meter or more in a well ...

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Home remedies to treat eye itchiness

eye care

Most of us at some time or other have felt eye itchiness, it is a general problem and mostly becomes worse with some conditions like environment pollution, attack of dust and dirt, eye infections and allergies. Eye itchiness comes in and around the eyes and tempts us to itch rapidly, but it comes again and again if you rub your ...

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Natural sources of vitamin K

k vitamin

Vitamin K, although not required in large quantities by the body, plays a key role in the clotting of blood. It is a fat-soluble vitamin that also helps in maintaining strong bones; especially in the elderly. Vitamin K consists of a group of compounds namely vitamin K1 (Phylloquinone), vitamin K2 (Menaquinone) and vitamin K3 (Menadione). Low levels of this vitamin ...

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why you should eat chickpeas or chana


Chickpeas, known as chana (or chole) in hindi belong to the family of legumes which are widely consumed by Indians. Commonly known as Bengal gram, they impart a unique and delicious taste and flavour to your dishes and curries. Although available in a variety of colours, beige-coloured chickpeas are most common. Apart from being economical, this legume is high in nutrient composition ...

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Home remedies to cure menstrual pain

menstrual pain

Home remedies to cure menstrual pain : Cinnamon It is possible to get cinnamon readily in any Indian kitchen. This particular ingredient has been used for years ago in curing individual from allergies, cold and indigestion. You will be glad to know that, this particular home ingredient is also very powerful to provide you relief from menstrual cramp. Apart from ...

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Causes for stones in kidney and how to treat the kidney stones

Stones formed out of acidic salts and minerals in the kidneys are called kidney stones. They indeed stick together which leads to the formation of pebbles. The formation of Stones can be seen at kidneys, bladder and ureters. Usually these stones don’t give pain while they are calm but when ever they move from the kidneys to the bladder we ...

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