Top 10 Makeup Tips For Women

Top 10 Makeup Tips For Women:- Here are our top 10 makeup tips to make you look good for the day in just a few minutes: 1. Hydrate At Night: Hydration definitely tops our list for the morning makeup routine, as it helps you look naturally beautiful and dewy. After all, who wants to carry those dry flakes of skin ...

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How To Treat More Serious Forms Of Acne


  Simple acne can be eradicated with the help of some few home remedies available with people. Acne means excess of oil which can be eradicated with the help of regular oil clearance from your face and other parts of the skin. You need to be very spectacular and cautious when you see you are suffering from serious forms of ...

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Amazing Tips To Become Fatty In Quick Time

Become fatty

Try to eat less Yep. Eating less is often a sure fire way to slow straight down your rate of metabolism, cause that you binge on refined food and allow you to be feel weary and very lazy. Keep the item up!   Try to eat before bedtime If you wish to add just one some COMPLETELY useless comes of ...

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Benefits Of Neem For Your Face And Skin

Beauty Care

Really does this untimely broke regarding acne depart you experience ashamed? Are you currently sick and tired with squeezing out this pimples or perhaps annoyed along with dry out skin color? This sort of issues retain scary girls, over and over again. But rather regarding taking 100 % natural ingredients to find a remedy, several would rather go for cosmetic ...

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Best Friendly Foods For Your Face Glow

Health Care

Everyone wishes to have a glowing and perfect skin. There is a lot of change in the whether due to pollution. It has become essential to take extra care of the skin in order to protect the skin from natural moisture, fairness and glow. Lets see some of the food items that can give you glowing and flawless skin.   ...

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How To Get Glowing Skin For Women

How To Get Glowing Skin For Women:- We all desire for a clear and glowing skin. But with stressful jobs and busy lifestyles, we don’t have enough time to take care of our skin. This negligence results in skin problems like acne, blemishes, dullness, dead skin patches, blackheads, whiteheads and more. We are left plagued by questions like how to ...

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Simple Homemade Beauty Tips For Hair

Here are some easy homemade beauty tips for hair to follow: 1. General Health: Diet Diet plays a very important part in the overall health of our hair just like skin. Here are a few additions to your diet as per your hair type that will help you add some glory to your crowning glory. Normal Hair: Fish, chicken, dals, ...

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How To Maintain Coloured Hair

hair color

How To Maintain Coloured Hair Coloured hair is great to look at and kick off your boring and usual look. Your choices of colours reflect your personality and complement it at the same time. However, to ensure it looks stunning and does not wear out too soon, you should have a haircare regime on track We all know hair textures ...

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Home Remedies To Soften Rough Elbows And Knees

Soften Rough Elbows

You may have the softest skin on your face but when it comes to the knees and elbows, we often find them to be dark and rough as compared to the rest of our body. These problem areas are a constant beauty concern for many women. Some even avoid exposing these areas because of this problem. If you too are ...

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Home Remedies For Limp Hair During The Monsoons


The monsoons are certainly a menace for haircare and the faster the damage is controlled and avoided, the better. With constant drenching and over exposure to humidity, the scalp tends to sweat. This makes the hair look dull and limp. We bring you some expert advice on natural home remedies to ensure your hair doesn’t lose its sheen this season. ...

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