DIY Hibiscus leaves for hair care

You can now know how to make hibiscus oil or a shampoo with the help of its leave. If you are aware of the step by step procedure, getting a shampoo, oil or a conditioner will be quite easy. There are few easy steps which will help you get the full detail of making the same. Some people have also ...

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Kunkudkaya / Soap nuts for hair care


Kunkudukai is commonly used as a natural alternative to shampoo in southern part of India. It is known by different names like Kunkudukaya, Ritha, Reetha, Aritha (in Hindi) or Anthwaal (Kannada). What is soap nut? Soap nuts are a kind of fruit that grows on a medium sized deciduous tree. The ripen fruits are sold in the market as aritha. ...

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Home remedies to treat eye itchiness

eye care

Most of us at some time or other have felt eye itchiness, it is a general problem and mostly becomes worse with some conditions like environment pollution, attack of dust and dirt, eye infections and allergies. Eye itchiness comes in and around the eyes and tempts us to itch rapidly, but it comes again and again if you rub your ...

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Moisturizes Tips for dry skin


Two major skin tone types available in people are dry and oily skins. People having dry skin types must try out the moisturizer that suites them the best. The beautician can be the right person to provide the right cream which maintains proper oil balance. Wide variations of moisturizing creams are available in the market among which you have to ...

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Best Skin care tips and Ideas


If you are in search of an ingredient that would cater to all your beauty needs, then what can be better than lemons? All you need to do is to squeeze out some fresh lemon juice and use it on the affected area to get  smooth, supple and flawless skin. Lemons are easily available and this citric fruit is rich ...

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Home treatment to remove eye bags, puffy eyes


A drooping and sagging skin is hideous to us, and why it won’t be? The circle of age is the culprit here to develop these baggy eyes which are dragged to touch ground levels. With time, gravity becomes our biggest enemy to fade away that youthful glow ad makes us look ugly. Bags under eyes is a common cause of ...

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Bleach skin naturally at home


I have a few light spots on my cheeks which I would like to bleach but I do not want to use harsh chemicals on my skin. Are there any natural ways to bleach my face? Please suggest. There are many natural ingredients which have bleaching properties and their regular use can not only lighten these spots, but also make ...

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Grow Your Hair faster Use This Remedy!


Accelerating hair growth using home remedies sounds too good to be true? Well you are in for a treat as it is indeed possible! Castor oil can help you initiate hair growth at a faster rate by massaging it into your scalp and roots. As if that wasn’t good enough, it also prevents thinning of hair and makes them less likely to break. ...

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Hair care tips for different hair types


There is no universal solution that fits all hair types. Here are some things you can do for the different hair types:   Greasy/Oily Hair A little oil or grease in your hair is normal; in fact you need it to keep your tresses in good condition. But too much can make your hair look dirty and limp. If both ...

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Home remedies for dry, damaged and greasy hair


Every day, a person loses a small amount of hair and therefore, shedding a few strands – say up to 100 – in a day is not a cause for concern. However, if you find that your pillow is covered with shed hair when you wake up every morning or that a single stroke of the brush causes a handful ...

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