Kangana Ranaut: I am ‘total badass’, not ‘Sati Savitri’

kangana ranaut

Kangana Ranaut: I am 'total badass', not 'Sati Savitri' Kangana Ranaut is not only known for her powerful acting skill but also for her outspoken nature which of course leads her into trouble at times. In a recent interview, while replying to why she feels celebrities often get misinterpreted for their statements, the 28-year-old actress said that people expect her ...

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Britt Bomb to explode on Mass Raja

amy jackson ravi teja

Britt Bomb to explode on Mass Raja Mass Raja Raviteja who is known for his high energy levels recently entertained with Bengal Tiger is increasing his speed. Raviteja is starring in Yevado Okkadu under the direction of Venu Sriram and also in the direction of Chakri who is making his debut. According to the latest it is coming out that ...

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Avika pushed out Hebah brought in For Raj Tharun Next Film


Avika pushed out Hebah brought in For Raj Tharun Next Film As the debut film of Raj Tarun and Avika Gor, Uyyala Jampala is a hit, there is a sentiment that Avika could be lucky charm for this young hero. Adding to this sentiment, their Cinema Choopista Maava became a big hit. Sentiments however keep changing, as Raj Tarun is ...

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Charmy’s Butt Finished-Now Madhushalini’s Butt?


Charmy's Butt Finished-Now Madhushalini's Butt? Director Ram Gopal Varma may show violence in throat slitting manner but on the other end, he also has severe appetite for sexual eroticism. Thanks to his technical wizardry and choice of actresses, it is always a visual feast and enough dose of aphrodisiac for male audiences. Now, a new talk is happening in the ...

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Tamanna On Trivikram’s Affair With Parvathi


Tamanna On Trivikram's Affair With Parvathi New sensation Tamanna was asked to act along with Parvathi Melton beside Mahesh Babu in the film to be directed by Trivikram Srinivas. It is said that Tamannah negated to act as she feels it difficult to share screen with Parvathi Melton as second heroine. But there is a reason behind that it seems. ...

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Anushka Gets Zero Payment


Anushka Gets Zero Payment : Anushka Shetty, the lady super star of Tollywood cinema, apparently has had high hopes on Size Zero so much that she did not take her remuneration for the movie. Of late, It has turned out to be a trend in the Indian film industry that the stars, especially the protagonists, don’t take a remuneration but ...

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RGV still gaga over Sridevi’s ‘thunder thighs’!


RGV still gaga over Sridevi's 'thunder thighs'! Boney Kapoor has called filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma "crazy", "bonkers" and a "pervert" for openly sharing his admiration for the producer's wife Sridevi. But that hasn't deterred RGV from praising the actress' "thundering thighs". Varma has made a reference to Sridevi and her beauty in his autobiography "Gun & Thighs". At the book's ...

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