Carrot Tomatoes Special

Carrot Tomatoes Special

Ingredients :

Carrots 4 medium Tomatoes6 medium Celery chopped 1/2 stalk Salt to taste Ice cubes as required Lemon juice 2 tablespoons carrot tomato special   Step 1 : Cut carrots into one-inch cubes and tomatoes into quarters and freeze them for some time. Put the frozen tomato cubes in a blender/smoothie maker and blend. Step 2 : Add frozen carrot cubes and blend again. Add celery pieces, salt and pepper powder and blend again. Add ice cubes, freshly extracted lemon juice and blend again. Step 3 : Add 2 tsps oil to tamarind leaves alongwith turmeric powder and saute well. Add salt, mix well and cook for a minute. Switch off heat and transfer the sautéed leaves in the grinder jar. Step 4 :  Serve chilled in a stemmed glass.

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