Bugarach Mystery

Bugarach Mystery, Bugarach End Of The World Bugarach ?is the Present Tourists Hot Spot due to The Fear of End of the world.

Bugarach Is Place Which is in southern France, will be one of the only place on the Earth to be saved when the world comes to an end on Friday i.e.. 21-12-12. ?when a rogue planet hits Earth.

The People Living There are Less than 200 only They say that Numerous UFOs are spotted in this tiny town.

It’s been something that has increased in crescendo, you know, the story of the end of the world in Bugarach. Some things happen here that one cannot explain, that’s for sure, said a tea shop owner who lives in the town.

The Bugarach is a Standing at over 1,200 metres high upside Down Mountain, The aliens which ?are coming By UFO’s are using That Mountain as There Shelter, So The People living near Bugarach, Says There near Different Kinds of Sounds and see different Colors Due to this only. So they believe of aliens staying there is get stronger so people around world, including Students, scientists, tourists..

Bugarach Mystery, Bugarach End Of The World


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