Best Exercises for Women Healthy Body

In our busy lives, it’s important to have a daily exercise as a part of our life to keep our body active. Exercising regularly will help you in gaining a good shape, strength, stamina and flexibility. It can also help you in building a healthy life and glowing skin.

Running or Jogging

This is the best daily exercise for both men and women. Running helps to burn the calories, burning calories helps to build better cardiovascular capacity as well as muscular endurance. Running and jogging are forms of aerobic exercise which can produce energy by combining the glucose or fats present in the body with oxygen.


Yoga is the most effective exercise. The different asanas in yoga will work for the entire body and increase cardiovascular capacity. Yoga not only works for the body but also refreshes the mind.



Aerobics is the rhythmic movement both hands and legs which will gradually increase the heart rate. Aerobics is excellent for weight loss, stamina building and the cardiovascular system just doing it for 30 min., This also helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure.


Sit-ups helps in strengthening your stomach muscles and boost your core stamina, and are good for all types of sports. Bend your knees and place your feet on the ground. Then with your hands on either side of the head, raise your head and then the shoulder and your torso.


Besides making you highly mobile and energetic squats help you in building whole body muscles and burn the extra fats in your body. There are various types of squats like chair squat, pile squat, air squat, front squat, etc.



Cycling can be enjoyed by people of any age group and in any physical environment. It gives a little pressure on the joints but tones up the limbs, muscles and the back.


Swimming will give you the whole body workout the whole body works out. While swimming, your heart works faster to generate energy and it will enhance your cardiovascular system. There will be movements beginning from your neck muscles to arms to buttocks till the legs and feet while you are swimming.

Jumping rope or climbing stairs

These exercises provide more health benefits in a very short time. They put lesser exertion on the knees or feet than jogging or running. It helps in developing lower body strength and power development. It also helps in improving bone strength.

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