Benefits of Red Wine for Anti Aging

Benefits of Red Wine for Anti Aging

Benefits of Red Wine for Anti Aging

You might be quite surprise to know that the latest anti aging weapon is not a cream but it is wine. Both wine and beauty are connected. If you search the internet you will find so many good features the red wine has which are beneficial for you appearance and well being.

So how does Red Wine work for Anti Aging?

The magical ingredient which is present in the red wine is the antioxidant known as Resveratrol, belonging to the group called polyphenols. This helps in stimulating an enzyme Sirtuin which is known to promote DNA repair and cell regeneration. The antioxidants help in destroying the harmful radicals inside your body.

The rich concentration of Resveratrol in red wine is also responsible for the red colour of the wine and helps in the reduction of the early signs of aging. It is found actively in seeds, stems, and the skins of grapes that are used for making red wine.

Some benefits of Red Wine for Anti Aging:

  1. Red wine makes your skin glow and bring out youthful beauty.
  2. Reduces the risk of pre-cancerous skin lesions.
  3. It helps in lowering the chances of diabetes and Alzheimer’s.
  4. During old age, you keep your brain power intact.
  5. It has benefits for arterial functions in your body.

How much Red Wine should be taken to slow down aging?

Researchers have recommended taking a daily dose of 200-300 mg to have the red wine affective for aging.  This should be limited to one or two small glasses and the temptation to have more must be restricted. Be cautious as it can have negative effects if you drink more.

Is Red Wine better than White Wine for Anti Aging?

Yes, as red wine is rich in Resveratrol and also has higher content of polyphenols. These wines are generally fermented for more than 3 weeks along with their skins and seeds which extract maximum procyanidins.

Which Red Wine should be used for Anti Aging?

Which red wine has to be taken in the next general question? It has to be traditional red wine and should not be too sweet or alcoholic. Then, these are varieties that you may prefer:

  • Australian Shiraz
  • Tannat Grape from South west France
  • Madiran Wine again from South west France
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Any Procyanidin rich Red wine of your choice.

What Else Should You Have With Red Wine To Slow Down The Process Of Aging?

Along with red wine healthy lifestyle should be supplemented for effective anti aging solution. Sea food, veggies, fruit, olive oil, whole grains, etc. should be included in  your diet for a right balance with your lifestyle.

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