Bangaru Kodipetta Movie Review

Bangaru Kodipetta Movie Review

Bangaru Kodipetta Movie Review  & Rating

Cast & Crew : Navdeep,Swathi,Raj Pippalla,Sunita Tati

Rating : 2.5/ 5


Movie revolves around four lifes Vamsi (Navdeep), Bhanu (Swathi), Dorababu (Ram) and Venu (Santosh). Bhanu works for Energee drinks with Vamsi (Navdeep). Vamsi starts liking Bhanu but Bhanu never reacts to him. In the meantime Venu (Santosh) aspirant actor who falls into directors trap and starts neglecting his life. By the time he realizes the things his family gets into trouble. Dorababu (Ram) and Errababu (Laxman) get separated after they divided the ancestral property at Bheemavaram. But Dorababu gets robbed by local goons gets into financial trouble. That’s how all the characters reach Bangalore – Hyderabad highway to settle there life’s with money. How did four different people come together for money forms the rest of the storyline.


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