Baahubali 2 Overseas Rights For 75 Crores ?

Baahubali 2 .. What is the rate of Wham ?


Tollywood movies grappler is a huge market overseas . Rabadutunnayi a strong overseas major films featuring the star actors . The Telugu film distributor for overseas distribution rights aratapadutuntaru tribe . Overall, though , how much to take , especially in the overseas distributors of the film , starring mahesbabu ‘re ready The ‘Amazon’ overseas total Tollywood film changed the calculations. ‘Amazon’ record-grossing overseas grappler in the first part. The second partku ‘amazon’ team as much as 75 million in the form of overseas rights groups elicited by watching the film seems. In addition to the news sections of the audience in the film muncettutunnayi surprise.So far, 30 million more than any Bollywood movie did not sell overseas . But the ‘ Amazon ‘ , which means that nearly 75 million is not a simple thing . There is also the expectation of the amount so obtained on a large scale , that is difficult . While he would not buy 75 million to 50 million , analysts say that it’s safer to buy bahubalini .In addition to English , Tamil , Hindi , Malayalam, the more the better collections will also be released overseas this year is expected to Chitra crew members . Going to be the beginning of next month, ‘ Amazon ‘, the second part is likely to be released at the end of next year .

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