Anushka Gets Zero Payment

Anushka Gets Zero Payment :


Anushka Shetty, the lady super star of Tollywood cinema, apparently has had high hopes on Size Zero so much that she did not take her remuneration for the movie.

Of late, It has turned out to be a trend in the Indian film industry that the stars, especially the protagonists, don’t take a remuneration but invest their remuneration into production and take their share from the profits.

In the recent times we have heard of Prabhas, Mahesh Babu and may other Kollywood and Bollywood stars gain major returns by taking shares from the movie profits.

Anushka who believed in the Size Zero script not only put on those 17 kilos of weight to give the script a touch of originality but invested her remuneration of around rupees 2 crores along with PVP.

Unfortunately Anushka has had all her hopes and investment vested on a movie that did not fare well at the box office.

Now all Anushkas is left with is the weight of losses and a flop movie. We guess, Size Zero not only made her regret a wasted investment but took away her remuneration too.

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