Alias Janaki Review

Alias Janaki

Alias Janaki Review

Cast: Venkat Rahul, Anisha Ambrose and others

Directed by : Dayaa K

Produced by : Neelima Tirumalasett

Banner : Sanghamitra Arts

Music : Shravan

Janaki Ram (Venkat) is a government employee who stands for values. He fights for justice and always takes the side of poor and downtrodden. Janaki confronts Mysaa (Sathru), who tries to occupy the lands of poor people. How does Janaki win against all the odds forms the crux of this story.

Performances :

Venkat Rahul looks very aged and doesn’t have the looks of a Telugu hero. His performance is also pretty weak. He failed to emote and all he has is single expression. His performance made this film look even bad. Anisha Ambrose has cute looks. But her performance is ordinary. There is absolutely no chemistry between the lead pair. Shatru is alright. Nagendra Babu did a small role and he gives a decent performance. Tanikella Bharani is standard. Sri Ramya is okay.

Analysis :

Alias Janaki’s intentions are good. They planned to make a noble film with a strong message to the society. However, poor script as well as aimless direction made it a painful watch. The film’s length is hardly two hours, but it will be pretty hard to sit through despite the short run time. Screenplay of this film is not at all impressive. Not a single scene is worthy enough to catch the attention of the viewer.

Director takes his own time in each and every scene. Characters look blankly into the thin air without any emotions and utter dialogues at a leisure pace. Basic plot of the film is very weak and we have seen that many times. The character of hero is not established properly. We can hardly see him reacting at the social atrocities. In fact he pays a blind eye to the wrong happenings in his own office.

Romantic track is another setback. The dialogues between the lead pair and their chemistry will put you off completely. Climax is hurried and pointless. The change in Tanikella Bharani’s character seems like a joke. Alias Janaki is a film with noble intentions but fails totally on the execution front. Some films don’t even impress on TV and this is one of those. You could safely skip this one.


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