Akhil Result Helping Chiranjeevi

Akhil Result Helping Chiranjeevi

Akkineni and Konidela family shares both friendly and business relations. Chiranjeevi is a well wisher for Nagarjuna and they both gel well in personal life too. Ever since the news on Akhil film entry is confirmed and VV Vinayak is roped as director, Chiranjeevi took an update from his known sources every now and then about the progress.

At the same time, Chiranjeevi was also known of more inclined towards fixing same Vinayak as director for his prestigious 150th. In fact, Vinayak accepted ‘Akhil’ only after being informed about further delays in Chiru film. Whatsoever, neither Mega project took off in mean time nor did ‘Akhil’ open to unanimous acceptance from Telugu public.

The idea of Vinayak to take leave for two months staying away from film focus to forget ‘Akhil’ experiences will also be helpful for Chiranjeevi. In the absence of Vinayak, there is no way Mega Star can ratify a script or story. This ultimately gives more time and space for Chiru and his family to widen their hunt for more stories. That’s a blessing in disguise. Akhil result is helping Chiranjeevi in the form of Vinayak’s short disappearance from field.

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