Akhil Learning from Chaitu!

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Akkineni Akhil To Learn From Naga Chaitanya

akhil naga chaitanya

Top celebrity families from acting or say cinema field will always try to launch their heirs into same field so as to continue the legacy. This has been a formula followed from long past. While some failed, many succeeded. At the same time, their children are groomed to aspire and become the next generation stars in line with the family status. There is nothing wrong in dreaming such lineage and Nagarjuna took utmost care in designing a perfect career for both his sons Akhil and Naga Chaitanya.

For Chaitu, the launch pad was ‘Josh’ when Nag kept his elder son in safest hands of Dil Raju. However, the result was dismal and Naga Chaitanya is today proving to be a versatile artist learning from mistakes. Above the commercial success, today Chaitu is regarded as a good actor. Nag can be assumed to have committed the same mistake of ‘Josh’ even for Akhil with ‘Akhil,’ the dismal debut for younger son Akhil.

This is the time for Akhil to find some consolation from Chaitu. Because, Chaitu passed the same phase during ‘Josh’ times and his inputs can re-instigate the lost confidence in Akhil. This is the right and real meaning in a brotherly bond.

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