Akhil Brings Trouble To Nitin Career

Akhil Brings Trouble To Nitin Career

The disaster show of Akhil Akkineni’s debut Akhil at the Box Office has had a great effect on its producers Nithiin, Sudhakar Reddy. As per the recent rules in Film Chamber, producer has to bear the losses incurred to distributors when huge money is at stake. If trade reports are anything to go by, Nithiin and Sudhakar Reddy have to shell out to the tune of Rs 20 Crore to overcome this phase. If they fail to do so, definitely the future releases of Nithiin’s would be in trouble.

Producer MS Raju too had faced similar fate sometime back as he failed to repay over Rs 7 Crore to his distributors then (Pournami, Aata) and this situation made him out of the loop and shunned him producing new films without clearing the previous balance.

Veering towards Akhil the movie was released with a deficit of Rs 10 Crore, and producers lost another Rs 10 Crore post release. With the Box Office figures are quite disappointing, producer Sudhakar Reddy, Nithiin are now trying to find out solution to get out of this situation.

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