Actor Govinda Sorry Say To For Slapping Fan 7 Yrs Ago

Actor Govinda Sorry Say To For Slapping Fan 7 Yrs Ago


Bollywood actor and former Congress MP Govinda has finally bowed down to India’s Supreme Court verdict. The Apex court ordered Govinda to apologise his fan Santosh Ray whom he slapped him way back in 2008 when Santosh was watching his film shoot. Govinda said on Tuesday that he “respected” the Apex court and was waiting for its order. However, Govinda didn’t apologise yet and said he was waiting to receive the Supreme Court’s order.

At first, victim Santosh Ray had sought criminal action against Govinda but later his lawyer told the court that his client would be satisfied with an apology. Santosh Ray said Govinda had slapped him “without any provocation” from his end. “I was just watching the shooting of a movie as I was his fan. But the incident left me shocked and I lost all respect for him,” Santosh was quoted as saying.

The Supreme Court ordered Govinda to apologise after watching the video recordings of the incident . “We all enjoy your movies and you are a great actor but we cannot tolerate your action of slapping. You don’t need to do in actual life what you do on screen. You don’t need to pay money for it. Even expressing regret is more than enough. Your prestige would not go down by expressing regret. Have a large heart and apologise,” Judges reportedly told Govinda.

After the court session, Govinda defended his action in front of reporters saying that he did “not want to hurt anybody” and was waiting for complete court order before deciding what to do next. – See more at:

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