7 Tips To Relieve Knee Pain

7 Tips To Relieve Knee Pain:-

A healthy knee is one that has good strength, providing stability to you entire body weight, allowing flexible and quick movements and having high level of endurance to allow repetitive movements.

Apart from reduction in bone mass due to age-related changes, any kind of trauma or injury to the knee joint  can affect your knee functions, ultimately causing pain. If you want a pain-free knee you need to first identify which of the knee functions has been affected and them. In early stages, knee pain can be reversed completely except for sudden injury or severe trauma but once the damage as gone beyond repair, you can only rely on surgery and knee replacement option. Here are here are some tips that can relieve knee pain.

Maintain healthy weight: If you’re overweight or obese, the first thing you need to do is reduce it with a proper workout and diet plan. Losing just five percent of your weight could significantly reduce the amount of stress and pressure exerted on your knee joints.

Cold and heat therapy: Acute pain in the knee can be relieved with cold therapy. Applying ice to the affected area not only reduced pain but also minimises swelling. For chronic pain, heat therapy would work better and help ease stiffness. But you need to discuss the frequency and intensity of these therapies with your doctor or physiotherapist.

Pain killer: For immediate relief, a topical painkiller in the form of spray or gel would be helpful if your knee pain is caused due to a recent injury.

Exercise: Strengthening exercises work on the stability function of your knee by making your knee muscles stronger. The best knee strengthening would be walking or jogging. Both involve the same kind of action – repeated movement of the muscles around the knee — but with a different intensities. Basically, exercise improves overall endurance or the ability of your knee to perform the do the same job over and over again.

Maintain a good posture: Dr Amit Dhond, Joint Replacement Surgeon, highlights the importance of correct posture in eliminating knee pain. ‘Sitting in a particular posture for long hours can exert pressure on the knee joint. Those sitting in front of the computer should take frequent breaks in between. Those suffering from chronic knee pain should avoid sitting cross-legged and climbing stairs,’ he says.

Try physiotherapy: Chronic knee pain can be reduced with the help of physiotherapy exercises. A physiotherapist would be able to design an exercise program that fits your individual ability level and teach you proper techniques to spare your joints. Occupational therapy can teach you how to reduce strain on your knees in your daily activities.

Diet: ‘A​s far as diet is concerned better to have high protein diet then having carbohydrates or fat proper maintenance of weight is key for avoiding knee pain.’ Says Dr Dhond.

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