7 Great paid Apps for iPhone and iPad

7 Great paid Apps for iPhone and iPad

iPhone apps

Here are some best iOS apps that can be downloaded for free of cost from iTunes. These are the awesome apps that were offered for cost of money before. But now these apps were absolutely free of cost and can support any iOS gadget. All versions of iOS supports these apps. The Dayli, FocusTwist, Check Check and other paid apps were now absolutely free on iTunes. Try downloading them from iTunes in your iPhone, iPad, MAC Etc, Depending on the necessity of use you can chose the apps and install now for free.

1. Dayli

Normally $2.99.

A great deal changes in a day. Dayli helps you verify that you don’t miss anything. Dayli gives you a chance to take pictures regular and transform them into a marvelous time slip feature.

  • Create Dayli photograph diaries of all the imperative things throughout your life.
  • Set suggestions to take a photograph ordinary to perceive how things have changed.
  • Add advisers for make covering up your ideal photograph truly simple.
  • Turn your photographs into a marvelous time-slip feature to spare and offer.
  • Keep a list of your life in photographs.
  • Protect your private photos with a passcode lock.
  • Export and import photos to and from other apps.

2. FocusTwist

Normally $1.99

Clear your companions out with FocusTwist, an application that permits you to make and offer “turns”  pictures that can be *re-focused* AFTER you take them!

This is the full-highlighted, broadly perceived FocusTwist application, which will change the way you consider photography.

Easily catch pictures

Share online specifically from your iPhone

Access our curated display with turns from world class photographic artists

Take your photography to another level



The NY Times






The Verge

DP Review

Some more.

The most effective method to use

Centering a picture after you take it lives up to expectations incredible on for nourishment, toys, design, nature, construction modeling – any scene with different components to concentrate on.

For best results, create a scene with something intriguing near to your telephone’s camera (3-4 inches away) and another component assist away (> 5 feet).

Attempt to keep the telephone as yet amid the few moments it takes to center and catch a turn.

3. Check Check

Normally $0.99

A basic iCloud-empowered, iOS 8 enhanced application to deal with every one of your agendas. Use it for things like travel pressing records, every day assignments, home investigations, apparatus to convey to a photograph shoot, staple records thus considerably more.

This is not quite the same as a Reminders or Todo’s application in light of the fact that every rundown can be reset and reused again and again.

Your information is put away in iCloud, and consequently adjusts between iPhones, iPads and Mac. A desktop Mac rendition is likewise accessible. Kindly hunt down Check in the Mac App Store.

4. Rembrandt

Normally $0.99

Rembrandt has one objective: verifying you never miss an arrangement again.

Logbooks are amazing for staying informed regarding the greater part of our arrangements, yet now and again its anything but difficult to disregard those one-time arrangements that were planned a really long time back (we’re taking a gander at you, dental practitioner arrangements!). Rembrandt is here to verify that you never miss an arrangement again.


Delightful User Interface

Get a wonderfully clear and succinct perspective of your arrangements happening either Today and Tomorrow

Important, single-happening arrangements emerge amongst the repeating occasions piece of your ordinary schedule

Get a fast take a gander at all of your Upcoming arrangements in a simple to view list that conceals every repeating occasion and shows just single-happening arrangements

Programmed Alarms

Set a default alert time and Rembrandt will consequently add a caution to ALL of your single-happening arrangements, including those that were made outside of Rembrandt or before Rembrandt was introduced

Motivation Notifications

If tomorrow’s motivation contains an arrangement not a piece of your ordinary schedule, Rembrandt will tell you the prior night with the quantity of occasions and the begin time of the first occasion

Speedy Alarms

Tap and hold an occasion to immediately include a caution (in the wake of indicating a default alert time)

Completely Automated & Designed for Background

Automatic Alarms and Agenda Notifications are taken care of out of sight without you steadily expecting to do anything. Simply open Rembrandt once and abandon it running out of sight and Rembrandt will deal with everything

Though Rembrandt keeps running out of sight it doesn’t affect battery life

5. Loose Leaf

Normally $4.99

Make photograph montages the basic way! Less demanding to use than Photoshop!

Thoughts meet up with Loose Leaf. You can doodle, superimpose, clarify and offer without the wreckage.


  • Share your arrangements and home stylistic layout thoughts on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and that’s only the tip of the iceberg
  • Easily superimpose pictures and perceive how your new lounge room will look
  • The easiest cut and glue highlight
  • Create collections of your most loved recollections

There’s a reason “words usually can’t do a picture justice”. Free Leaf was made for that correct minute when pen and paper say all that needs to be said. Free Leaf is designed to be a basic, no whine, versatile dry eradicate board. It’s ideal for basic drawings, charts, brisk notes or annotations.

Watch the feature and figure out additional: https://getlooseleaf.com


  • Unlimited pages
  • Easy picture import
  • As simple as pen and paper
  • Scissors make moveable scraps
  • Sidebar scrap drawer
  • Ruler/ protractor apparatus for straightforward shapes
  • Export and offer thoughts through significant interpersonal organizations
  • Send pages rapidly to different applications
  • Share pages to your contacts in Loose Leaf
  • Simple two-finger signal page route

6. Shopping List

Normally $1.99

Setting off to the general store, we look in the refrigerator and record what we have to purchase, to shopping rundown. Most as of late, shopping records, scratch pads and papers moved into our cell phones. We’re, the point at which we make our application, taking a gander at “shopping list” in an unexpected way.

In “Magnet List” application, to make an item, write in the inquiry box: what, how much and at what value we require (just name is conceivable). After that, square magnet will show up with the beginning letter of the item. Pull it to one side – and he’s in the shopping cart. At the end of the day, the privilege – he is at home. On next time you will make buy, you can look in the House area, and re-add it to the shopping rundown. So there is a dissemination of items! Long press on magnet, in any area, will uproot it. Furthermore, on the off chance that it require, it will be in the same structure, when you begin writing the name in the hunt. Also, obviously, in the event that you tap on the magnet itself, you can make own item photographs or browse the exhibition. Explore between records with left/right swipe. You ought to attempt it, to verify that “shopping rundown” can be straightforward, however not exhausting. Additionally, you can pick shading topic what you like. Make the most of your shopping!

7. SoundCatcher

Normally $1.99

SoundCatcher makes inconceivable!

Download NOW and quickly perceive the music playing around!

Presently you have the incredible plausibility to recognize what tune is playing around you! Simply tap on the S catch on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and SoundCatcher gives you the name of music track, the craftsman’s name and even verses!

Download now and appreciate all the considerable components of SoundCatcher application:

perceive what music is playing around: melody, craftsman name and even verses

find all the more about your most loved craftsmen: most prominent of your most loved specialists, collections, verses and even visit information

watch feature: craftsman’s most mainstream features and news

listen to the music: propelled media player gives you more elements including your most loved craftsman’s crisp discharges

download melodies and even collections: with SoundCatcher you can right away purchase the as of late perceived melody from iTunes

Simply envision! You hear a melody and SoundCatcher demonstrates to you the name of music track, craftsman name and even the verses in only one tap!

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